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How to order

How to order
To be able to place your order online it is necessary to be a registered customer. If you are not registered with us yet you will have to start from Step 1. If you have already done it you could login with your username and password and proceed to Step 2
Step 1
On each page there is the option for registration. By clicking on the register button a short registration form will pop up where we will need you to fill in your details. 
Step 2
Please make sure your details are filled in correctly, this will help us deliver your purchase on time. Your details and address will be stored with us for easy ordering next time. You can delete, change or add address at any time.
We do not share your details with anybody else!. Pick a delivery address and we will show you your local stores.
Step 3
You can find all the delicious items we have to offer conveniently arranged into different categories on the left of your screen. Once you’ve chosen an item click on the Order button.
Step 4
Your Current Order will appear in a separate window. If you would like to choose another item from our menu, please click on Back to menu.
Step 5
Pick a category, choose from its content and click on Order. You can go back to the menu as many times as you need
Step 6
Current Order window will show up
Step 7
Once you are happy with your order simply click Submit.

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